Monitoring Evaluation & Learning

We guarantee independent evaluations and design sound monitoring systems

The madiba Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Unit contributes to improving the impact of international cooperation through monitoring, evaluation and learning activities. Madiba's experts guarantee an independent and objective evaluation of your project in compliance with international standards. We also provide for all necessary knowledge to design state-of-the-art monitoring systems for more progress and better results.

Our project managers take care of a smooth coordination and management, provide technical backstopping and quality assurance and, thus, ensure the timely achievement of agreed project goals following high quality standards.

Our aim is to support institutional learning based on reliable data so that impact-oriented decision-making and planning can take place. Hence, our projects contribute to making processes more transparent, documenting impact, pointing out correlations, and providing viable recommendations.

We adapt to current trends and challenges

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have carried out numerous remote or semi-remote projects. In doing so, we have expanded our existing digital expertise and developed innovative solutions while ensuring that the quality of the evaluations is not compromised.

In fragile contexts our teams of national and international experts have proven to adapt to changes quickly.

Our commitment to partnerships

Madiba constantly aims for new opportunities and at the same time we want to establish solid relationships with our clients. Therefore we are part of several framework agreements:

At madiba we are also committed to upholding global standards such as "Do no harm" and "Leave no one behind" in all of our activities and endeavors.


We cover various services along the Project Management Cycle

We offer the following services


Evaluating projects and programs is an important tool to ensure effective development cooperation. madiba has extensive experience to provide the highest quality and a smooth implementation of evaluations.

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We help to develop state-of the-art monitoring systems to provide analysis and recommendations in compliance with international standards.

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We help to promote informed decision-making and long-term institutional development via evidence based learning.

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