Behind every project there is a team of professional and creative thinkers.

madiba's permanent staff supports international players and experienced consultants, evaluators and trainers passionately on the basis of madiba's mission. The madiba group supports institutions in achieving their goals of improving living conditions worldwide.

Dr. Kristian Kampfer

Managing Director & Senior Consultant

Wolfgang Merla

Co-Managing Director & Project Manager Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

Judith Dörr

Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Andreas Fiala

Office Support

Aleksei Efimov

Project Coordinator Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

Rahel Kramer

Working Student Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

Leen Al Siyouf

Project Manager Consulting Unit

Moh'd El Hafez

Project Manager Consulting Unit

Maximilian Thomsen

Project Coordinator Training and Learning Center

Dr. Lina Arnold

Project Manager Training and Learning Center

Laura Hemmerling

Working Student Training and Learning Center

Antonia Rockenmaier

Working Student Training and Learning Center