"Implementation of a monitoring system in Sudan"

Sudan is a destination-, transit- country and also country of origin for migrants and refugees. Most of them live in the states of Kassala and Gedaref. A lot of these migrants and refugees as well as the local population have difficulties in finding a job which inhibits them from improving their living conditions.

The project aimed at enabling migrants and refugees and the host population to improve their living conditions. Thus, the project has been active in three areas:

1. Promotion of vocational qualifications in crafts, services, and small businesses.

2. Support of companies in creating and securing apprenticeships and jobs for graduates holding a vocational qualification

3. Establishment of job centres

Madiba Consult was responsible for the yearly adaption of the operation plan, ensured the effective implementation and adaption of the monitoring system, developed qualitative data collection formats and tools, and conducted interviews. Moreover, madiba coached the team and ensured the steering of the complex project.