Evaluation of German Humanitarian Assistance in the Health Sector in Africa

Globally, over  1.6  billion  people  live  in  places  where  protracted  crises  and weak health services leave them without access to basic health care. In 2018, the Division S09 of the German Federal Foreign Office provided a total of around EUR 1.5 billion for humanitarian assistance, of which EUR 127 million was directly allocated to the health sector. The FFO further supported humanitarian health assistance through its unearmarked contribution to international crisis funds.

The “Evaluation of German Humanitarian Assistance in the Health Sector in Africa“ was divided into two clearly structured phases which mostly differ in their objective. Throughout the whole evaluation process madiba took care of preparation, implementation, quality assurance and backstopping. To select the country-based field visits and define the evaluation object a kick-off workshop with the project team was organized. In addition, main documents were analyzed, and primary and secondary data were collected by interviewing the main stakeholders.
The evaluation team focused on the Democratic Rep. of Congo and Ethiopia and presented their evaluation report on a final workshop.