Evaluation of the Programme “International Sports Promotion (ISF)”

Since 1961 the ISF, the German International Sports Promotion, is firmly embedded and integrated in the policy sector and framework of the German ministry of foreign affairs (AA). It seeks to use sports as a messaging entity to foster international cooperation and values such as gender equality and social integration. The overarching goal is to ultimately create a framework to leverage sports for holistic societal progress. It mainly operates in low- and middle-income countries since the field of sports receives little to no support in these regions.

madiba Consult was commissioned by the German ministry of foreign affairs to conduct an evaluation of the whole ISF program and the activities of the academy for foreign coaches at the University of Leipzig. We were methodically assessing whether the current shape and scope of the ISF is generating the highest possible degree of impact and relevance. Furthermore, we operationalized the results to assess the success of different measures by time-dependent indicators covering a total range of nine years of the activity of the ISF.

Moreover, we were assigned to carry out an implementation workshop at the ministry of foreign affairs in the context of the postprocessing and result operationalization of our evaluation.