‘Employment Promotion Program’ & ‘Enhancement of the Egyptian Dual System’ (CPE)

The "Sustainable economic development for employment programme” in Egypt aims to improve the institutional and human resource-related conditions for sustainable and employment-boosting economic growth in Egypt by adopting an integrated approach to employment promotion. The overall concept links measures aimed at the supply of labour and labour market policy with increases in demand for labour in the private sector.

The “Employment Promotion Project (EPP)” is also integrated into the programme as a module. It focuses mainly on improving the intermediation between labour demand and labour supply, especially the transition of technical education students from school to work.

The two GIZ projects’ main objectives are increasing the number of trainees in dual education and training of an appropriate quality and to improve the preparation of Egyptian technical education graduates and unemployed youth for the demands of the labour market. Both projects are subjects to this central project evaluation which was conducted by a team consisting two international and two regional evaluators.

The central project evaluation was conducted in two phases in which madiba took care of preparation, implementation, quality assurance and backstopping. First the inception phase which included a preliminary semi-remote inception mission opened by a kick-off workshop with the project team where the evaluation object is defined, indicators are analyzed, and the stakeholder map is updated. Second the evaluation mission intended to collect the necessary data for the evaluation along the OECD/DAC criteria by conducting interviews with the involved stakeholders. Based on the findings, the evaluation report was elaborated.