South Sudan

Fact-finding-mission to strengthen the role of universities

The two-month project ‘Strengthening the university structures and supporting civil society actors in South Sudan – showcasing and assessing the possibilities of institutional support for third mission activities’ is funded by the German Foreign Office through to ifa (Institute for Foreign Relations) in the field of crisis prevention, conflict resolution, stabilization and peace-building and designed as a fact-finding-mission serving as a basis for analysis on the question: ‘How can universities have an impact through “third mission activities” (tmas) on the stabilization and peace-building process in South Sudan?’ The project activities aim at a rethinking of the importance of possible actors in the stabilization process in South Sudan by putting an emphasis on the role of the academy in cooperation with the organized civil society.

As third-party activities consist of numerous possible actions, it, above all, has to be assessed what kind of tma’s are feasible and the most adequate in the context of South Sudan and the peace-building process. Thus, the fact-finding-mission is considered as a needed measure to query interest and to check feasibility on the ground. Long-term this fact-finding-mission sets ground for a following mission that targets changes in curriculums by strengthening tmas and thereby the impact students may have on the civil society and the stabilization of South Sudan. Tmas should lead to a rethinking and encourage the students' willingness to get involved in political and societal issues. Tmas offer new possibilities to young people and, thus, provide the students a platform to bring about change.